TARSYER - The eyes and ears of your factory

Empower your factory with infinite vision

Use AI and computer vision to make factory data useful for solving productivity, quality and safety challenges across the enterprise


Internet of Things primarily focuses on machines, yet 70% of the tasks on the factory floor are manual

Tarsyer paves the way for the Internet of People R(evolution)


Product Suite

Uncover the true potential of your assembly line and metamorphose your workers into craftsmen

Tarsyer enables manufacturers to gain real-time visibility and actionable insights for every part, machine, assembly line, and plant throughout the enterprise. Our platform allows manufacturers to use all of their data immaterial of where or in what format it was created. Tarsyer's deep learning architecture parses video streams and quantitatively analyzes the videos to generate real time data and actionable insights.


Production monitoring

Real-time visibility into every machine and line throughout the facility

  • Monitoring operating conditions

  • Unmonitored machines 

  • Counts on production line

  • Visual surface defects 

  • Physical damages

  • Gaps / Seals

  • Discolored / misshaped products on production line


Vehicle Analysis

A vision based system to detect, track, count and classify moving vehicles by tracking their

  • Location

  • Speed

  • Entry / exit 

  • Characteristics 

  • Distance


Inventory Tracking

Shelf scanning, product loss & theft management using computer vision

  • Barcode / Serial Number / ID

  • Location 

  • Storage 

  • Movement 

  • Physical damage

  • Available space for storage 

  • Counts (Stock checks)


People Analysis

Tarsyer creates a massive dataset from a previously unmeasurable data source: people at work

  • Footfall counting

  • Recognize people

  • Demographics 

  • Posture 

  • Safety

  • Productivity

  • Proximity to person / machines / vehicles 

  • Unauthorized entry

Technology that works across processes and machine types across all manufacturing sectors


Who do we serve?

Tarsyer's comprehensive platform can be extended to applications across retail, transportation agencies, healthcare and educational institutions, government agencies and other major enterprises

We're committed to helping our customers every step of the way and provide unique services to address their business issues. We’re constantly growing and expanding, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.

Welcome to a new level of insight and action!


Track vehicle entry and exits, vehicle speed and distance travelled while increasing safety and streamlining security


Monitor customer preferences and product availability in stores providing a sublime consumer experience


Uncover traffic patterns and prevent bottlenecks while responding to suspicious behavior and revealing a new layer of intelligence


Real-time security for ATMs focused on anomaly detection to tackle the rising proliferation of ATM frauds


Our Technology

Tarsyer continuously creates data from all activities within the factory

Tarsyer's deep learning architecture uniquely parses video streams and quantitatively analyzes the videos to generate actionable insights. 

While computer vision has been used to monitor and validate operations in factories at specific points in the process, we enable manufacturers to have continuous data on all activities within the factory. 

We use object detection & classification to ascertain the presence of real-world objects and tell them apart. 

We have built and trained our models from scratch and it can be easily customized to perfectly fit with your unique use case.



Ready to get started with manufacturing analytics in your company?


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About us

Tarsyer is a Pune based startup focused on enhancing manufacturing productivity. Our AI based approach involves capturing data, recognizing actions and creating actionable insights without any human intervention. 

The rationale behind Tarsyer.. 

Tarsyer is derived from ‘tarsier’, a tiny nocturnal saucer-eyed primate. The most distinctive characteristic about tarsiers is their distended eyes which are truly enormous in proportion to the rest of the body. 

It also animated the iconic character Yoda from Star Wars due to its small size but excellent hunting skills. 

Not to nerd out on you, but the tarsier’s panoptic vision allows for 360-degree range of view. 

And you know what else? NOW, we’re going to nerd out on you! The ‘infinity’ around the eyes is symbolic of our ideology of being ever observant, omniscient and infallible


In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little knowledge lights our way



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